About Artemis urns

Artemis creates stylish, carefully handcrafted ceramic urns. Designed to beautifully preserve, cherish and share the unforgettable memories of your loved one or your beloved pet.


Choosing and buying an urn is a very personal, emotional decision and can be quite difficult. We are ready to listen to your wishes and to find or create the most appropriate urn with you, as a beautiful, tangible reminder of a special person or pet. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and are therefore happy to advise & assist you.


Artemis only works with home-grown ceramists, whose products are 100% handmade. They are passionate craftspeople who, together with us, devise, design and manufacture the urns by hand. We are therefore proud that our products bear the “Made in Belgium” label.

Artemis creates handmade ceramic urns in which you can stylishly preserve and cherish the ashes of a beloved person or pet


Each piece is unique, no two are the same. Each urn is handcrafted with care from a block of raw clay. Turning, firing and glazing, done in a traditional way. The entire making process – from clay to finished urn – takes several weeks. This level of expertise results in the impeccable quality that Artemis stands for.


Our collection symbolises simple shapes and timeless designs. We create personal objects and stylish mementos in soft colours and unique glazes that fit into any interior, from modern to classic. All urns are designed and manufactured exclusively for Artemis.


Clay, the basis of our ceramics, is a natural, widely available and renewable local raw material. All of our urns are produced on a small and energy-efficient scale. Once fired, the ceramic urns are particularly strong and weather resistant, giving them a long service life. We also use reusable materials as much as possible for packaging and shipping the urns. In this way, Artemis tries to keep the impact on our living environment to a minimum.