Artemis urns selected for “Ik Koop Belgisch”

Proud of Belgian brands

The list of creative talent coming from Belgian soil is long and diverse, and that is well known. Through the ‘Ik Koop Belgisch’ campaign, consumers are encouraged to discover Belgian art, brands and products. Artemis is very proud to be part of this community.

Home-grown creativity

By choosing Belgian works, brands or products, you make the dreams of local creatives come true and you allow yourself the best acquisitions for your interior, wardrobe, bookshelf, music collection, … you name it!

For many consumers, this is not just good news, but it is a real “aha experience”! With ‘Ik Koop Belgisch’ they want to show the wealth of Belgian creativity, and give a helping hand to anyone who has consciously chosen to buy local brands. #ikkoopbelgisch is an option for every style and budget.

On the website you will find more than 600 Belgian fashion, accessory and home brands. Use this site as your personal assistant. Belgian artists, designers, brands and companies are brought together, to offer their work or product, including Artemis urns.