Aster Caemaert: authenticity, organic lines & natural materials

Handmade urns, exclusive and artisan

For Artemis, Aster Caemaert designed a unique collection of pure and stylish ceramic urns. When designing, the ceramist always starts from their fascination for the material or the technique. The idea for the eventual creation partly arises during the process, during the turning and shaping of the clay. Her diverse collection of ceramic urns epitomises authenticity and warmth, ideal for the serene home storage of a loved one’s ashes.

Aster & Jasmien ceramics workshop

The ceramics studio of Aster & Jasmien Caemaert is a peaceful place in the middle of the fields, where artistic work and craft go hand in hand. In the studio shop you will find shelves full of ceramics. They are all handmade and made with lots of love and patience. Together, the sisters also organise courses and workshops in pot turning and glazing.

The collection

The urns for Artemis are individually handmade in Aster & Jasmien’s studio. Time and again they manage to convert their imagination and expertise into artistic, yet timeless and accessible, urns.