Commemorate a loved one at home

Commemorate a loved one at home

When a loved one dies, one has many things to do and to think about. Of course, you would like to keep and commemorate your beautiful memories of the deceased person. Many people find it difficult to do this at home. Because where and how can you do this in a serene and peaceful way? Here are 5 tips to help you to remember your loved one in a beautiful and respectful way at home.

A memory of the funeral / cremation

The funeral or cremation is an emotional event. It is good to keep a tangible memory of that day. Many people take the funeral bouquet home to dry and keep it. A photo of the deceased and the guestbook are also beautiful memories of this day.

A special place in the house

Perhaps it would do you good to set up a special place in the house for your loved one. For example, you can use a shelf in an (open) cupboard, a windowsill or the fireplace. You can put a photo of the deceased on it, along with other beautiful memories. You can also place a candle there and light it if you need it. Do you want to have a bigger space to remember your loved one? An interior designer or an interior consultant can help you to provide a memorial corner in an appropriate way in your home.

Photo memories

Photos of your loved one can be nicely incorporated into your interior decoration: on the wall, in a frame on a shelf or between other photos. You can also opt for a beautiful photo book that you can only view when you need it. Make a book with a nice cover and give it a clear place in your home. This way you have the photos at hand, but you are not confronted with them all the time.

Beautiful words

You may wish to remember your loved one by one or more of their quotes. Or you could use lyrics or a passage from a book, a poem or a song that he / she loved very much. Or a nice text of the funeral or cremation. There is always a piece of text that fits the one you want to commemorate. You can stylishly format such text and print it on beautiful paper and frame it, or have it printed on canvas. Then you give this text a nice place in your home.

A special urn

If the deceased was close to you, you can keep their ashes (or part of their ashes) at home in an urn. More and more people are choosing this option, because beautiful, stylish urns are a special feature in either the home or the garden.

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