Libelia De Splenter: “Simplicity prevailed in the design process”

A soothing design to cherish what you love

Working with emerging and established ceramists is in Artemis’ DNA. The collaboration with Libelia De Splenter resulted in a beautiful collection of urns in pure shapes and soft glazes.

Libelia Ceramics

Libelia De Splenter is a Belgian ceramist. You may know her voice, because she was a presenter at Studio Brussel and lent her voice to Siri and the GPS. Today you can find Libelia in her ceramics workshop, in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. This is where the magic takes place and the Scandinavian-inspired plates, bowls, cups and urns come to life.

The collection

The urns for Artemis are all handmade in her studio. The collection is a very personal project for Libelia. It is the result of her passion to create and surprise.