Opting for cremation

The number of cremations is steadily increasing: 7 out of 10 people are cremated. Why this evolution?

Cremation is the burning of the deceased in a cremation oven. This takes place in the crematorium. Almost 70% opt for this form of funeral service.


It is generally assumed that the number of cremations (which has doubled in 20 years) has mainly increased as a result of the decreasing number of Catholic believers. Catholics traditionally opted for a classic funeral with an interment.

In addition, other factors have also played a role in the increasing popularity of cremations. The former legal obstacles to cremation have been greatly relaxed, making it easier to opt for cremation. There has also been a sociological evolution. Since World War II, people have become much more mobile and move more easily from their families’ place of residence. The attractiveness of family graves has therefore decreased sharply. The fact that people want to keep control over their life, even after death, also plays a role. Many people decide what will happen to their physical remains before they die and are reluctant to decompose underground.

These trends are expected to continue and the number of cremations is expected to rise further to 85%.

“Cremation is scary”

In the past, burning a human body was seen as something scary, but that stream of thought has completely disappeared. In addition, there are now many options that enable you to keep a nice memory of the deceased after a cremation:

  • Keep the ashes in an elegant, stylish urn (at home or elsewhere)
  • Incorporate the ashes into memorial jewellery
  • Scatter the ashes in a memorable place

Hassle free cremation

Cremation also generally has less of an aftermath. After all, at a traditional funeral, the relatives are still faced with a bill for the costs of the funeral rights or maintenance of the grave monument.

Cremations have also become increasingly personal over time. More attention is paid to the personal wishes of the deceased and the next of kin.

Finally, the costs of a cremation are covered by the funeral insurance, just like with a traditional funeral.

Planning a cremation

You can arrange the cremation yourself through the crematorium or call on a funeral director. Funeral directors take care of the complete handling and administration of the cremation.