Placing an urn outside: in your own garden, in an urn wall or in a cemetery

Are ceramic urns suitable for outdoor use?

When a loved one has died and has been cremated, you can keep and cherish the ashes in various ways. You can choose to scatter the ashes, place them in an urn wall (or columbarium), bury the urn in a cemetery or keep the ashes in a nice urn at home. Nowadays, many relatives choose to keep the urn close by, either at home, in the garden or on the balcony. In this way you can create your own memorial place, without having to take into account the rules of the cemetery or crematorium.

Weatherproof urns

Urns that are made of materials such as marble, granite, stainless steel, glass or ceramics are extremely suitable for outdoor use. These urns are durable, frost resistant and easy to maintain, and will hardly be damaged or discoloured by sunlight, rain, cold or heat. Although these urns are very robust, they can still be designed elegantly and decoratively. If your loved one was someone who liked to spend time outdoors, it might be a nice idea to give his / her urn a nice memorial place in the garden or on the balcony.

Are Artemis urns suitable for outdoor use?

The Artemis urns are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our urns are made from natural clay and are glazed on the outside. This gives the urns a refined and beautiful appearance. And because they are baked at high temperatures, glazed urns are frost resistant and therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

You must make sure that no water can seep into the urn (the inside is not always glazed). That is why we always recommend that you close the urn by gluing the lid (for both indoor and outdoor use).

When you place the urn in the garden, it is best to place it on a flat and dry surface, not directly on the ground (earth), in the grass or in a flower bed. By placing the urn, for example, on a stone, a nice plinth or on a base plate, you prevent any groundwater or rainwater that gets under the urn from entering the urn, which could lead to it breaking in the event of frost.

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