Tips for choosing and buying the right urn

How do you choose an urn?

Perhaps you are considering keeping the ashes of a loved one or a beloved pet in an urn. The choice of an urn is very personal and can depend on a number of elements. In this article we give tips for choosing and (online) buying the right urn.
We would like to apologise in advance for all the (technical) details, which – especially during a difficult period – can be very challenging. However, we think it is very important that you are given as much information as possible about choosing the correct format for the urn.

Take your time

It can be difficult to find the right urn. That’s normal. Do take the time to look at different models and materials. If necessary, discuss the options with family or friends.

You can also ask the crematorium if they can keep the ashes longer. Or you can collect them in the crematorium’s standard ash box and leave choosing a suitable urn until later. The ashes can then be moved into the urn(s) of your choice.

Who is the urn for?

You can choose an urn that suits the personal style of the deceased and their way of life. The shape, colour and material of the urn are then in line with the taste of the deceased.

You can also choose an urn that suits your style, the interior or the room in which the urn will be placed. You can find out more about this in the following article: Commemorating a loved one in your own home

Choice of material

Urns can be found in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. The most commonly used materials are ceramic, metal, wood, marble, glass, bronze, copper and steel.

Artemis only manufactures and sells ceramic urns. Because they are fired at high temperatures, ceramic urns are weather and frost resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Will all the ashes fit in an urn?

The size or capacity is often the starting point for choosing the urn. In the Artemis urns webshop you can find urns ranging from 300 ml to 4,500 ml (4.5 litres). The product page indicates the capacity and dimensions of each urn.

You can choose to keep all of the ashes in one urn, keep part of the ashes in an urn and scatter some, or divide the ashes over several urns (smaller urns or mini urns).

The largest Artemis urns are suitable for preserving all of the ashes of an adult person. If you want to keep all of the ashes in one urn, it must hold at least 3.5 to 4 litres.

You can also choose to divide the ashes over several urns, for example to share them with other close relatives.

We also recommend that you always keep part of the ashes separately (e.g. in the ash box you received from the crematorium), in case the urn should break or be lost.

An exact and detailed overview of the volume of ash of a deceased person per body weight can be found in this article: Determining the correct urn capacity

We recommend to contact your funeral director or the crematorium to request the details of the exact amount of ashes and then determine which urn(s) you want to order on that basis.

About shapes and colours

In addition to the material, the shape and colour also play an important role when making your choice. Feel free to browse through our collection and take your time to decide which model suits you or the deceased. We offer spherical, cylindrical, conical and jug-shaped urns.

Please note. Because each urn is unique and individually handmade by our ceramists, it is possible that the urn can differ slightly in terms of shape and capacity from the image and information shown on the website.

Determine where the urn will be placed

It is important to think about where the urn will be placed. This can be at the home of one of the relatives, but you can also place the urn in the family grave, in a columbarium (wall with niches) or in a special urn garden at the crematorium.

Inquire in advance whether the urn of your choice is suitable and take into account the dimensions of the room or the niche in which the urn will be placed. Please pay close attention to the stated sizes.

Most urns are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This is indicated in the information given for each urn. Ceramic urns (like this one from Artemis) are weather resistant because they are baked at high temperatures and have a frost resistant glaze layer.

How much does an urn cost?

Urns come in many different price ranges. The price depends on, among other things, on the shape, the size, the material used, the degree of finish, the shape of the lid, the glaze and the production time.

All Artemis urns are 100% handmade, which, of course, results in a higher cost than, say, urns produced on a conveyor belt.

The cost of a tailor-made, personalised urn is determined in full & detailed consultation.

A custom-made urn

You can buy a urn from stock, but you can also consider having the urn completely custom-made and personalised.

Artemis offers this service. Each custom-made urn is discussed extensively and treated personally. Based on your preferences and wishes, we will work together to look for the perfect urn for your deceased cat.

Do you have any special wishes or do you want a different volume of an existing model? Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help you!