An urn for your beloved, deceased cat

Special cat urns

More and more people are choosing to have their deceased, beloved cat cremated and keep its ashes at home, as a beautiful and valuable memento of their faithful companion. Artemis offers a unique collection of special, handmade cat urns.

A beloved family member

Today, a cat is increasingly considered to be a full member of the family. Owners give their cats all the love and care they deserve. But, unfortunately, the moment will come when you have to say goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend, maybe because of old age, an accident or because it was sick. After lovingly caring for your cat for many years, you would like to have a suitable farewell and keep a nice memory of them.

We would like to apologise in advance for all the (technical) details, which – especially during a difficult period – can be very challenging. However, we think it is very important that you are given as much information as possible to allow you to make the right choice.

Choosing the appropriate cat urn

Cat urns are available in different variations and materials. Take your time to make the right choice and take into account a number of aspects, which we briefly explain below.

If you would like to place the urn outside (in the garden or on the balcony), choose a weather-resistant material, such as ceramic. Artemis only manufactures and sells ceramic urns. Because they are fired at high temperatures, ceramic urns are frost resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to the material, the shape and colour also play an important role when making your choice. Feel free to browse through our collection and take your time to decide which model best suits you or the deceased cat. We offer spherical, cylindrical, conical and jug-shaped urns.

Determining the capacity of a cat urn

Below you will find a table, where the minimum urn content is shown based on the body weight of your deceased cat. Note that this table is based on averages. It is best to contact the crematorium to request the details of the exact amount of ashes to be released and to determine which urn you wish to order on that basis.

Cat's weightMinimum urn capacity
1 kg or less0,2 litre
1 - 5 kg0,3 litre
5 - 8 kg0,5 litre
8 - 12 kg1 litre

A custom-made cat urn

You can buy a pet urn from stock, but you can also consider having the urn completely custom-made and personalised.

Artemis offers this service. Each custom-made urn is discussed extensively and treated personally. Based on your preferences and wishes, we will work together to look for the perfect urn for your deceased cat.

Do you have any special wishes or do you want a different volume of an existing model? Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities. We are happy to help you!